Good Tillage = Good Root Development

LOCATION: Carman Weppler Farm, 5704 Minto-Normanby Townline, RR #3, Clifford Ontario, NOG 1MO
TIME: Thursday, October 2, 2014, 1:00pm - 3:15pm

Speaker: Michael Freiesleben, B.Sc.
Biochemist & Micro Biologist, University of Waterloo
Owner of McLellan Industries Ltd. Animal premix and health products.

Speaker: James Martindale, Spencerville, IN
Jim has spent 30 years creating soil health and sustainability with tillage.

You will be able to see Jim’s Curse Buster Tillage Machine, the Imants Spader and possibly a compost soil injection machine at the meeting. This will be a combination of a presentation and a field walk to go digging into the soil to investigate the relationship between tillage and root structures. Jim suggests being proactive in managing air and water exchange of soils using effective tillage devices along with calcium and boron to maintain alfalfa fields.

For More Information:

Michael or Phyllis Freiesleben
519-327-8060 (phone)
519-327-8068 (fax)

Carman & Beth Ann Wepler
519-327-8921 (phone)
519-327-8389 (fax)

It is simplier to cure sick soils, than sick people... which shall we choose?
Dr. Charles Northen

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